Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests - When two or three or more gathererd He is present.

Prayer Requests

Let us know what we can pray for you

Seek the Kingdom first in all you do, these are words that we live by. As we grow in our walk with the Lord, we find ourselves aiming to be humble, striving to be obedient to the Gospel and to serve with a joyous heart. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we understand that prayer is a line of communication between us and the Father. It’s an intimate dialogue that occurs daily, through a love lasting relationship.

Prayer requests can be for many reasons, they could be for someone who needs spiritual support, to help with a decision or make a life change. Prayer requests could also be for ourselves, to receive the courage of God’s will. No matter what the reason may be, please let us know. We would like to include you with our daily prayers.

If you have something tugging on your heart and you would like us to pray with you, or for you. Please contact us. You can call us, use our live chat system or even drop us an email by using the form below.

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