Become a Fisher of Men

Fishers of Men

And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men. – Mark 1:17 KJV As a Christian who follows the teaching of Jesus Christ, we are given an amazing opportunity to become fishers of men. It’s a process of sharing Christ’s message to the world. Sounds easy, right? Well, the reality is the being a fisher of men is a lot easier said than done. The reason being is we find ourselves [...]

By study, prayer, meditation in the Word, you will find yourself becoming spiritually charged.

Becoming Spiritually Charged

Our Lord seeks to have a personal and love-lasting relationship with us. More than just a simple prayer, our Father wants a dialogue. Much like a best friend, or even a parent, He wants to be connected. The joy of knowing that God is always with us, we don’t have to wait to speak to Him, we can chat all day. He wants us to be in His presence. To seek Him first, becoming spiritually charged. But sometimes, we [...]

Discerning between good fruit and bad fruit of the Spirit.

Investigate the Fruit and You Will Find Your Answer

Judging (being able to discern) can be a very controversial topic. I am sure at some point in your life you have witnessed or have been the recipient of someone saying, “You can’t judge..” Although true when it comes to setting a judgement against someone, it’s not the case in the area of discernment. Judging a situation and passing Judgement are two entirely different things. Judging a situation is about discernment, knowing what is right or wrong. Passing Judgement [...]

Being Proactive versus Reactive is the same as those who stayed outside the Promise Land, and those who listened to God and went into it.

Being Spiritually Proactive Instead of Reactive..

pro·ac·tive /prōˈaktiv/ adjective: proactive; pro-active (of a person, policy, or action) creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened. “be proactive in identifying and preventing potential problems” Our Proactive Example Jesus is the ultimate example of being proactive. As we learn in the Gospels, Jesus spent His time on earth demonstrating a multitude of traits. Traits we need to adopt and own as followers of the Way. Traits of Jesus: Faithful Intimate Humble Committed Teacher Prayerful Loving Joyful Kind Unbiased Fair Gentle Self-Controlling Forgiving Grateful Responsible Accountable Wise Compassionate Determined And much more.. During His time on [...]


Ingredients of the Spirit

When it comes to our walk, we are being observed and evaluated by those around us. From our loved ones, to our friends, our colleagues and even those we don’t know in the world. People are observing. They are watching everything we do, collecting and processing information. All from our words, actions and behaviors. The ingredients you have will impact the view of others. The question is, what are the ingredients we own? Do they display the fruit of [...]

Judging righteously is different than passing Judgment on somone. Understanding the difference between the two can help with conversations when conviction starts to set it.

How Judging Righteously is Different Than Passing Judgement

The Difference Between Judging Righteously and Passing Judgement When it comes to discernment, there is a difference between judging righteously and passing Judgement. Being able to judge or discern according to Scripture is not the same as passing Judgement against someone. Judging is being able to distinguish between something. For instance, have you heard someone say, “judging by the distance…?” The person is gauging the distance between two points. The same can be said when someone is evaluating or reviewing [...]